Scraping Pavement


Scraping Pavement 
There’s truth in these walls
songs in our sunsets and yet
we ask them to be repeated.
Declaring our strengths as listeners but
can you recite the birdsong melody
outside our window?
I can no longer draw inspiration
from my feet on the ground.
With a heart half-healed, and a fate
yet to be revealed,
the leaves scrape the pavement
like my dragging heels.

Remember Me


Remember Me
Sometimes I need to write.
To see words flow from my hands.
Disrupting the white paper with
My black, black ink.
It settles my stomach to see
It dry.
It’s there now – my words.
The message isn’t always important.
It could be a reminder or something more
Revealing like a love note.
It doesn’t matter.  What matters is
The permanence.