I am so exhausted.  I have had crippling nightmares & night terrors since I was a young girl.  In large part due to the trauma, but I do wish it would let me rest.  Nowadays, mostly, my sleep has improved – but for the last month, it has regressed.  I feel a lot of fear while falling asleep, or my mind just won’t settle.  Last night, it stirred and daydreamed and created elaborate scenarios that will never come to pass.  Here’s to the children that never received lullabies, the sleepless and the weary.

Morning Kisses
My evening primrose.  I am laying in the grass of your dreams while you are soaking in lavender.

Rest your heavy head, close your almond eyes and breath in my fantasy of forever youth, the joy of illumination from the moon that sits too low.

One day my indirect poetic prose will uncover the words to tell you, my love, how I kiss all the children before I fall asleep.

Until then, good morning.