You Are So Divine

©Pilar Zeta

You Are So Divine
When the air around me turns to velvet
And all the noise escapes from the room,
I appear in a world of somewhere else
A heaven, a galaxy of nature’s womb.
The opacity drops a little more
A film developing with nostalgic-vignette,
And your eyes, your eyes,
Burn me and burn me until I sweat.
Each inhale effortlessly invoked
Every molecule a chemical reaction,
My deity, my daily,
Consumed by immortal attraction.
You are my remembered forever
You are the holder of an unforgettable heart,
My love will leave from you never,
And in that, we create the most spectacular art.

Moon Poem


Moon Poem
I lit a candle and even that was too bright.
I tried to sleep, and wanted to write, but
It’s meant to be dark.
The only illumination-
Your lighthouse glow.
A sea of crumpled, doodled paper,
Envelop the lost sailor,
Tea getting cold
And the embers of a last lit candle wick
Begin to succumb to the night wave.
That breaking evening,
And the striking beauty of her ascent.
I am reminded to rise,
Declarations of epiphany
But more specifically,
I hear incomprehensible silence.
And that’s the point.

The Big Bang


The Big Bang
Exposed my senses, to a new form of touch.
I know you.
Discovered by a miracle.
God, thank you for his planet’s gravity,
Pulling me in and around – like a daughter and her maypole.
Skipping, head tilting
Curls fall and sway down the back.
Eyes to the skies – sun-kissed freckles.
Spinning closer to his center,
Feet grazing the grass
As comets join the carpool lane.
I am the satellite, the astronomer, I am a cosmonaut orbiting.
Gravity, the seductress and her draw,
Attracting the planets like a sirens song –
The girl to her flowers and decorated ribbons.
Ever dreaming of the collapse,
A solar nebula from gravities divine intervention.
The creation of a sun,
A kiss.
Gentle, unspoken, wistful and craved.
Dancing in celebration of summer.
To be the rings around Saturn,
The moon to Earth.
To be closer to her.
Inertia coursing through their veins,
Running wild the ribbon
Pulling tighter.
Meteor showers and shooting stars revolving
Flowers and poplar seeds floating in the vacuum of intergalactic space.
Fingerprints, carbon footprints painted on my body
I miss you.
Even though you are right beside me.
“I love you” whispered in light years.
Universal charm – this magnificent attraction.