Meet Emily


For most of my life, I’ve felt lost, invisible, self-destructive, self-loathing, suicidal and overall miserable.  I found solace in booze, drugs, boys, and books. After a few years of therapy, reading a plethora of self-help books and going to group support sessions, I began my journey of unlearning what I had been taught and remembering how to give and receive unconditional love. For the last 10 years, I’ve dedicated my life to learning love.  Now, just 30-years-old, I’m ready to share my findings, experiences, strength, and hope.

Through a series of trial and error, some humorous, some not, I’ve found a way of life that allows me to have compassion for those that have hurt me in the past, a deep understanding of forgiveness and I’ve discovered a perspective on the world that fills me with love, curiosity, and exploration.

Perspective is key and considering that we are all on a giant floaty marble in space surrounded by a galaxy that’s one of billions, I guarantee our human perspectives are meager at best.  But we gotta work with what we’re given, so let’s use our tiny human brains and try to figure this worldly stuff out together!