Start a blog they said… It’ll be easy they said…

For a long while, my friends have suggested I start a blog.  I’ve always been rather self-conscious, fearing that by speaking my opinion online, I’ve just become exactly like the countless other Millennials and L.A. stereotypes who feel like their particular voice needs to be heard.  In many cases, our generation was raised believing we could do anything – and most of us, in my experience, wanted to change the world.  This has proven to be quite a task indeed.  After realizing that “changing the world” is pretty freaking impossible, I’ve retreated inward to change myself first.  Since making this life-pivot, I’ve actually learned that in order to change the world, changing myself is the perfect place to start.

My uncomfortable quest to bettering myself actually began 7 years ago, but me writing about it publically began on August 1st, 2017.  I had just come home from a long day at the office, I sat in 1.5 hours of traffic to go 8 miles, then collapsed onto the floor and proceeded to cry onto my cat (yes, I actually cried onto her).  That’s when I realized I’m not alone.  Which is interesting, because in that exact moment I felt the most alone.  I don’t know if my voice needs to be heard, but if you’re on the hunt for self-reflection, a different perspective, or maybe even some tangible life tools – my posts may help.  At the very least, I want others who are on the quest with me to know they aren’t alone in their struggles and their successes.  I’ll also likely post about self-helpy type things, science, philosophy, food/health & wellness, the human condition, music, books and a multitude of other midnight ramblings.

I’m almost 30 and I definitely have some of my shit together.  Clearly, not all of it, given my fetal-position-cry-session I had not more than 3 hours ago… but still, I mean, I have a cat.  Oh, and like THREE of my plants are alive.  So I feel pretty good about it.

I’ve been studying various aspects of the human mind since I was 23.  Mostly because I wonder every day how I didn’t turn out to be a stark-raving lunatic and instead have somehow managed to become a successful contributor to American society.  Upon years of research, therapy, meditation sessions, terrible pharmaceutical drugs and self-internalization, I have learned that there are two things that prevented a survivor of childhood abuse, trauma, and neglect from turning into a lunatic – resilience and books.

The 10th Doctor in “Doctor Who”, played by David Tennant once said, “You want weapons?  We’re in a library!  Books!  The best weapons in the world! … arm yourselves!”  If anyone has a problem, which let’s be honest, everyone does – it’s likely been written about, studied, posted online and there are at least one or two viewpoints that could aid in your healing, growth and self-improvement.  I’ve armed myself to the teeth with books and I’m hoping my discoveries and experiences can provide some comfort, relief or even wisdom to those seeking it.

There it is, I’m yet another narcissistic white-girl blogger trying to summarize why the hell I’m getting myself into this endeavor.  So… let’s get started…

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