Remembering to Change


I’ve been away for quite awhile now.  Over the course of a single year, my life has done backflips and somersaults.  I ended a long-term, loving relationship with a man I still love and care for.  I have felt lifetimes of sadness and grief and at the same time, self-assurance and progress within myself.  I’ve felt the spark of new love, of partnership, and of destiny.  I’ve gotten married, moved, adopted two furry babies, seen my Dad in the emergency room, seen myself in the emergency room and lastly, I’ve been graced to live another day.

I contemplated starting a new blog because I feel like I’ve changed so drastically in the course of a single year – but then I remembered that that’s literally what this blog is about – CHANGE.

As of late, my goal has been to write a poem a day.  It’s helping me get my writing chops back up to snuff and I’ve really enjoyed the way my outlook on life is shifting.  The more poetry I seem to write, the more gentle my approach, artistic my vision and compassionate my thoughts become about humanity and the world around me.

Feel free to join my poetry journey.  I encourage everyone to write, read and listen to pieces that make them feel the world more thoughtfully.

I Remember
It’s a flicker, it’s a flower,
A window has been opened.
The breeze makes waves on the linen tapestries,
As the crest breaks open my memories of you.
My star dimmed in the time
It took me to find, you again.
But I remember.
The honey on your lips matches the earth in your eyes
And the soft melody of you saying my name.
But not my name.  My color.
I held you as a lover.
Flourishing civilizations,
Mesoamerican mosaics decorating the walls,
Cacao in my unembellished bowl.
An unremitting reminder of the significance of simplicity.
Millennia has waltzed with my moon
As I recall the curve of your low back,
The rise of my atmosphere in your lungs,
And the exhalation of your stars into my galaxy.
I forever fall into the art of your universe
As you walk right past me.
The first day we meet feels the same every time.

5 thoughts on “Remembering to Change

  1. It’s true. Poetry softens the edges, eases the roughness, lets the eyes see with a little more gentleness. The world seems less harsh when you’re seeking ways to express its beauty as a way around its ugliness.

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